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Mason - Remembering
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Good track overall ... the track needs a lot more drive ... has potential to b e a fair trance production but overall doesnt have any progressive and move to it...more percussion and a more low end freq bass to punch this forward ... overall cool job mason
response from artist Shanny long time bro def thanks for the listen. Cant wait wait to hear your new stuff :)
2010-02-09 19:30:23
Farace - Black Eyed Peas - I Got A Feeling (Farace ReEdit)
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What's new Farace rippin' it up, sounds good!
2009-07-28 18:07:47
Osh - Girls want
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Hey, Sorry took me so long to reply. I am checking your track out for you. Cool intro so far, simple drums good vocal cuts in and out of the mix ... bass is pretty cool got a cool idea to it man...I want more punch out of your snare needs to rip your bass apart...basically split your bass in half and make it have more drive, hard to explain but play with the idea...I want a little more drive out of this track, it has a fantastic idea to be quite honest with you...I would also dig a little bit more vocal variation to punch your arrangement job around 3:15 little variation not bad...take off a little bit of reeverb that is going on with your elements, it will clean up your master a ton...overall i'm impressed, good job keep working hard -Shanny
response from artist Hi Shanny. THX alot 4 steppin' by and reviewing this track. I want to finish the track soon, so it's really cool with ur tips! Thx again and c u soon here on Idj ;) Osh
2009-07-02 22:21:36
David Baker - La Paix de la Mer (Peace of the Sea)
One of the best tracks here at IDJ everything is poppy and cheeze lately to be honest and this track has opened up to me more as original and really showing your true production side, I appreciate the original material and would love to hear more from you in the future, great work the guitar is very touching and keep up the prog house just like this and you will be with a big label sometime 8-) hope my words inspire kick it bro -Shanny (I never give 10's) ;-)
response from artist Shanny, thank you very much, I really appreciate the time and the positive review. I'm glad you feel the originality, I always try to keep things fresh. Thanks again. Respect. -DKB
2008-10-07 13:50:00
Hot Shit! (Eoliveira) - Cruel Summer (Remix)
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O, pretty wide drums and bass kind of snaps in the speakers not sure if I love it but cool idea i'd say ... weird sounds in here, take the female hums out they are way off key just don't work for me in the beginning ... vocals are kind of hidden hear just not there and snappy just aren't hitting me in the face, just gets messy in the middle to end when it is all playing just to much going I think but pretty cool remix all together, keep at it -Shanny
response from artist thank u very much shanny i agree with you .. i can listen messy in the middle too .. im working in the 3 version hope can be better im using your tips man !! keep up man !! thanks again !
2008-08-25 22:48:43
Hypster - To The Limit
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Hypster, pretty cool track got some good drums percussion is good I like to hear a lot of detail you did a pretty cool job there ... but whole intro is a bit long for me just not a lot of energy in the beginning but no big deal ... just isn't really a huge vibe i'm feeling could use some work but who couldn't right? I would layer this hi freq bass with a low sub freq bass to blow the low end out cause we all love juice ... but pretty cool elements man not bad at all, keep it up -Shanny
response from artist the long intro is for mixing it with another track in my dj set so u can play with 2 traks 4 a while, but it might need some more details throughout the beginning. the bass is a bit higher (in freqs) than the usual hypster bass but im happy with it (its more electric). thanx 4 reviewing!! -----------Hypster
2008-08-25 22:43:42
c-Rok - A Blissful Change of Heart V2.5 C-rok
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C-Rok, seems like all your bass elements have that same sound not exact of course but same surrounding idea, I would like to hear a little more variation of patch and creation in your upcoming project to blow me away...but this track has some good ideas in it really cool fx and elements that bring this track to a clubby stage with some good drive, again needs more EQing and clarification in your instruments but w/e man just keep working at it, your stuff is good, nice job -Shanny
response from artist your right shanny!!...great ears...its still not really mixed..i slapped alot of the low end sounds in the same subgroup for simplicity sake..but i still need to saparate further upon mixdown. great ear and thanks for the review.!!!
2008-08-25 22:40:07
c-Rok - I Kissed a Girl V2.1 C-Rok remix
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C-Rok, funny thing is I knew this track before it even was release before it blew up and I have heard it sooooo many times its crazy haha but you did a pretty cool job at varying the original sound, vocals could be turned up a notch to let me know whats good ... but i like your elements not much else to say its a cool remix just im starting to let this song go since ive heard it 1million times haha, nice job -Shanny
response from artist thanks!!
2008-08-25 22:37:47
c-Rok - Be Somebody Beautiful V3 C-Rok
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C-Rok, Lots of reviews pretty cool that your getting well known around here good to hear ... your track is well done ... some parts get a little bit tedious but what track doesn't right? Nah but this has some good elements and a pretty good drive, I still would love for instruments to be cleaned up EQ'd and just separated for maximum clarity but don't worry about it to much we all need it in our tracks...but has a good dance vibe to it which I like ... but I would try to get away from your versions like a ton of versions here and there and just set your self to your mind and hit us with the final project that you feel most comfortable but I understand as the reviews help you but as you grow hit us with less versions and blow us away, nice job though -Shanny
response from artist Thanks!!!
2008-08-25 22:35:50
Farace - Trevor Rockwell - Take It (Farace&J2K Remix)
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1 min vocals are insanity with the chops and detail thats good stuff I look for in tracks, drums sit well running that vocal chop ... 1:28 is interesting, very different sound and style then what I usually here kind of a filtered bass sitting high its pretty cool I like the idea ... good atmosphere coming in around 2:30 gives the track good variation ... 3:25 is a good drop, good energy and will move a crowd with the high octave lead which fits well for my ears, can't really complain with this track has great quality and style and thats what im ****ING talking about homie, *KICK IT! -Shanny
2008-08-19 18:26:41