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BigAnt - Fresh Start
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then stop making it personal yourself. It's all a matter of how you take the criticism. You sound irritated from the first review. I sense sarcasm in your last response. If you don't want to make it personal, you shouldn't have said that. I don't need kind words from you but just an "ok, thnx for the words" would had done better. I'm done discussion this too, so have a nice day and i hope you don't hate me or something. Perhaps it's the selection of words i chose. I'm not english so I'm searching for the right words to use.
2015-07-02 13:34:52
BigAnt - Fresh Start
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listen 'bud' i gave you an honest review since that is the point of uploading your tracks to Internetdj. The piano is just out of tone. Don't you hear that yourself?? If you want to produce music like this, then at least let someone listen to it (and not ur mom or girlfriend since they would say it beautiful becuz YOU made it) with an objective view on it. You have potential, i'll have you know that even though i didn't say this with my review, i know the struggle to get things right on a project like this. You should see my review as helping. Maybe you don't like the words, but that's just a part of getting reviewed. Expect critics.
response from artist Ok this is getting ridiculous. Look I\'ve been uploading music in here for over seven years now. I\'m a big fan of advice, which is how I evolved. I agree with both of you and take criticism much better than I think you understand. Think about my profession. But don\'t come on here and make this personal. I said I what I said based of your tone. Now If you want to express any other dispute with me then please inbox me an actual message and not do this through the review messenger. This is not Facebook or other similar websites. Thanks for the words of advice and thanks for sharing. I\'m finished discussing this matter. I appreciate your honestly and your talent my friend.
2015-06-28 10:50:17
BigAnt - Fresh Start
The piano... it hurts to listen to. Beats are sweet and the ambient overal sound is pretty good, but a lot of sounds are out of tune. i'd fix that. This is something that needs to be done before continuing this track. I'm starting to wonder what else you used from your software. Now that i notice the same pad all over again for the whole track, i believe there's not much creativity in this track. The beats are chosen wisely but is it just a loop from the same software? It doesn't really vary at all. I'm not a big fan of this track. Too bad cuz i like ambient a lot besides being a trance producer.
response from artist Listen bud, this whole entire track was made freestyle. I made the beat, I made the piano using a cheap MIDI keyboard, the drums, the flute, the bass, etc. I don\'t copy and paster loops bud. So I used a cheap vocal loop from the software, because I don\'t have anybody to sing for me, nor do I feel it\'s ok to plagiarize a recording artists vocals into any of my songs. I spent an entire three weeks on making this happen with lot\'s of editing to make sure it works. Now if it hurts that bad to listen, then don\'t. I\'m not a pro like you buddy, nor to I choose to be. I do this as a hobby. My real job is being a construction worker trying to feed my family. Thanks for the review.
2015-06-22 08:31:43
EatMe - EatMe - Bubbile
Wat een lang intro man... sorry maar ik heb een stukje geskipped naar de 1.20 toe haha... Weet je wat mij nou zo aanspreekt aan jou? Dat jij van alle markten thuis bent. House, experimental, trance, drum n bass, ambient... jij doet dit allemaal! Ik ben echter niet zo'n fan van drum n bass. maar dit klinkt wel prima gemasterd. Het is mij echter te veel hetzelfde om het echt leuk te vinden maar ik snap weinig van dit genre. ik zal je rating geven om je een beetje te boosten naar de charts. ^^ Vind het overigens wel grappig dat je hier nog steeds zo actief bent na al die jaren . ik ben ook maar weer begonnen met mn profiel updaten. Sta na één upload al meteen weer in top 10 deze week (#7) dus vlgens mij is het nog vrij dood hier. Maargoed, lekker bezig weer dus!
2015-06-15 10:22:20
Daryl - Daryl Torkington - The Stand
i can hear the albatros song from aronchupa in this... you definately went for that sound didn't you? I like this one a bit more since it's a tad darker and eerie. Nice track mister Daryl Torkington.
2015-06-10 23:53:11
dj Project m59 - Amsterdam
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This sounds like trance, not house. I like what you're going for. The melodies work well and you mixed your sounds pretty good. Buildup could need some work but I can live with that. Great track!
2015-06-03 07:32:12
EatMe - EatMe - Just For Fun
Gotta agree with marc here, a nice voice would really add something good here. Very relaxing track! more ambient trance than synthpop i think but really no problem what the style is, the sound is great!
response from artist Vocals for 12 minutes aren\'t my kind of thing to make myself, I\'d have to seek collaborative effort for it. Sing(st)er(s) requests are welcome.
2013-10-18 13:53:51
EatMe - EatMe - 2013 - remix contest winner on
Oh, the remix is from your track :P I'm in for sure... especially this track! I love it! I hope i can add something groovy to this piece
response from artist Yes, you can remix this track! Good to hear you will join the remix competition. Thank you for the rating.
2013-01-15 20:49:37
EatMe - EatMe - Got It For You [house]
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Ik dacht, nu k toch op je profile zit, gelijk effe wat anders checken van je. Dikke sound weer. Ik heb je duidelijk niety genoeg gevolgd laatste tijd (druks). Nette track hier. Ben alleen geen fan van die harde snaredrum, maar das een smaakkwestie. x
response from artist Bedankt voor het checken tijger! Laat weten als je zelf weer iets hebt geupload. Xje
2012-12-29 22:12:20
EatMe - EatMe - 2013 - remix contest winner on
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Gozert, mooie track... ZOals ik al zei, het deed me erg denken aan een intro van Tiesto's ISOS 6. (Es Vedra - La Hacienda) Echt dikke sound... Het klopt gewoon wat je hier gemaakt heb. Enige commentaar zit hem voor mij in je ontbrekende extra melody. happy new year!
response from artist Dankjewel voor je review, ik zal eens kijken wat ik nog aan deze track ga doen. Happy new year!
2012-12-29 22:09:17