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PPB - Angel Of Dawn AKA PPB - Melody
Hey there.. sup? It's been a long time.. When I've listened to this track, it seems to be your own legendary signature.. I was just dropping by to update some stuffs.. If you need to communicate with me.. I've Skype. Take care! Regards, "Your old best bud in iDJ"
response from artist Hello dude ! Thanks for the review !
2015-08-20 19:14:20
Sonaris - Sonaris - Fanfare (Original Mix) [FREE D/L]
Loving with those melodies. Sounds so fruity here. And I'm not quite sure with your mastering compression. Make it more clearer or it's just my taste. Outstanding work Sonaris.. Dling it!
response from artist Thanks man!
2014-03-30 17:45:48
Sonaris - Jenny Mayhem ft. Jesse Taylor - Could Be (Sonaris Remix)
Those Vocals Are Perfectly Blended Into One Masterpiece. And I Agreed With PPB.
response from artist Thanks for checking it out. Appreciate your words.
2013-08-25 07:59:17
Hot Shit ! - (Eoliveira) Jumper (Original Mix)
Your Tracks Made My Butt Dancy.. Love Your Basses! And I Kinda Agreed With PPB.
response from artist Thank you so much man ! im going to try to work in the feedback man to make it better . thank you so much !
2013-08-25 07:51:48
Master dj - i don't know(Album mix)
This Song Is Still Rocks Me Out. Founded This Under My Playlist 2 Years Ago.. And It Still Rocks Me Out..
2013-08-25 07:30:57
Master dj - Set your depth of my free dreams - N'Trance vs Global Influence
Everything's Going Good. Except For The Starting Vocals "Freeeeeeee...." Try To Lower Down Just Abit & Sidechaining, Gating Imo.. Cause Those Intro Vocals Needs To Be Relax.
2013-08-25 07:23:24
Particle-X - Singularity
Firstly.. I Love Your Sub Bass.. Structuring Is Very Smooth.. Melodies Are Hooked.. Instruments Are Still Good For Me.. But For My Taste, Try To Master Some Of Your Instruments.. Try To Make Your Compressor Smoothly.. No FX Is Needed (Glad You Never Add On).. Cause Your Melodies Are Solid.. Just A Little Bit More Fruity Mastering Touch! That's All I Can Say.. Since I've Long Time Never Online For The Last 3 Years And You've Made Me This Sound Enjoying Through My Journey.. Here's My Rate.. Enjoy..
2013-08-19 13:12:06
PPB - PPB - Joy
Hey ppb.. remember me? Nice track dude..
response from artist yes, long time i didn\'t talked to you...i hope you are going well :)
2013-08-18 10:02:07
Protosense - In The Mix
Kinda agreed with Sam. E Elements are in rich quality, but the cons are build/structure. The bass lead needs to change e patterns. 05:55 E another melody adds on quite lately. Should be around 3mins+ Overall, e song is quite interesting for me. Sorry for e rates. My ears gave me e results.
response from artist Tkx fox..always apreciate :) Stay In!
2011-03-02 07:33:15
samrat - TIME TRAVEL
Before I'll listening to this track, I'll drink a cup of HOT coffee first, cause I'm gonna ride your trip now.. So here it goes: I've mark your corrections when I'm listening your track, It's a great trip! So here's my cons, the master canal, make it more smoother, cause (the attack kicks) it distorts and some certain parts, (downlifter kicks) also.. (02:19-02:29) - a long pause, try to add a reverse and a good reverb-clap imo, structures are slightly ok, EQ needs to work more. So, my favorite part is the trip, elements & kick. Mostly the time plucked element (don't know what it called). If you work on the EQ and smoothing your track, I'll re-rate on 9.5.. That's all foxys gonna say~ Thanks for the trip! love that outro too~
response from artist Thanks man,appreciate the 'constructive' feedback & for sparin the time to check it out..Good looking out man..Regards.
2011-01-25 14:38:19