Song Review Date Posted
Particle-X - Down the Rabbit Hole
Your sound always reminds me a very old PC game called MotorHead eheheh .. it is cool imo, i like it : ) Keep It Up!
2016-12-07 12:36:54
Synthworx - Highrise Landing
hi..nice chilly track ..i like the progression.. more like an ambient track than house..but be carefull with those pads..they are distorting..overall i liked it...Keep it Up!
response from artist Thanks Beat Assist for the great review and taking the time to listen, ya those pads can get real moody at times lol, thanks mate all the best cheers.
2016-10-09 08:56:33
Pee Wee - PARADOXY by Lapix (Pee Wee's Megamix)
hi...Awesome techniques..this is not my cup of tea but i enjoyed! Lot of work you put there... great : ) Keep It Up!
2016-09-28 18:08:37
PPB - PPB - Melody
I believe is just the mastering i dont like..the track flows great..kinda epic melodies..good arps..but it sounds too old should re-open your projects and master them properly..master the mix and the final mastering.. Overall i do like it man : ) Stay In!
response from artist Thanks for the review, I made many version of this track, I admit this one doesn\'t sound very modern/phat...Thanks man :-)
2016-09-28 17:57:21
Synthworx - The Lingering Pop Song
I like the track but some Dubstep powerful bass would be nice..vocals are great..overall an excellent dubby track : ) Keep It Up!
response from artist Thanks again mate for the kind review ya I could had added more drop beats to this one lol cheers all the best
2016-09-28 17:46:09
Synthworx - Night Life Bliss
Hey..great track,,,ive been a bit out of IDj for some time (busy with ....but i want to catch up..real good guitars on this track..did you used a VSTi or recorded your own? Keep it Up!
response from artist Thanks mate its been a long time glad to see you back, thanks for the review and yes I used sample based sounds mixed in with VSTis on this track. all the best to you hope to hear more for you in the coming days cheers mate.
2016-09-28 17:38:00
Ab oVo - The illusion of freedom
Great Finale..and a cool sound overall.. : )
response from artist Thank you friend! I\'m glad you liked it!
2016-09-25 08:57:43
Particle-X - Enchanted dreams
Hey man.. the track is nice but i find it a bit confuse... maybe too many instruments around percussion..the vocals are great and the chill part is awesome...not sure about the mastering cause i listenned at low volume..but normaly you leave too much highs in the mastering...overall a cool track man..keep it up : )
response from artist Thanks for your words. I did some different mastering on this one though. I tried to give the track some more emotion but you are right there are lots of ingredients to this production. Thanks.
2016-09-20 10:24:03
Particle-X - Pacific Sunset
hey... the track flows good till 4:30",after this i dont like it (but is just me and my personal taste)..anyway, over all, i like it and i believe it just needs a better mastering..keep it up man!
response from artist It\'s a matter of taste indeed but i\'m glad you liked it overall. Mastering keeps a point of attention.
2016-05-31 10:24:00
Particle-X - Walking in the air
Nice track bro... good athmosphere .... Happy New Year man!
2016-01-01 14:16:39