Song Review Date Posted
Rob Baradlai - Illusion
I enjoyed what you have done with this song so far.
2014-04-23 17:09:53
G The G - 107.5 (Vocal Mix) VIP
Crazy bass line, G you always impress!! Would love to add this to my Friday nite sets!! Top notch mon ami as always!!
response from artist Thanks for the stars! Had some serious fun with this one. I\'m in the process of making a full ep with more tunes of the sort. Thanks again, Cheers!
2014-03-26 18:28:18
Well done I enjoyed that. A good way to wake up after a long night DJ in club. I look forward to more.
response from artist Thank you!
2013-06-01 17:12:18
Gerald The Genius - Everybody Got Guns!
G once again you have captured my ears!! Great electro, love the vocals!! I will be adding this to my set tonite. Thanks for making great music
response from artist Gracius! Thank you for listening and rockin it in ya set. Much appreciated!
2012-12-08 22:09:39
DJ Transaction - Children of Earth Unite and be One Original Mix (Contemporary dance)
2012-09-22 18:00:59
Insix - Stream (Original Mix)
Nice well balanced track I love it! Can picture the sea of people all moving on the floor to this track . It does finish a bit rough thou, but I still love this track well done.
2012-09-22 17:51:36
Insix - Stir (Original Mix)
I love the dirty bass @ 1:02 But for me I find the synth about over powering and a little unbalanced with the dirty bass. Then @ 2:02 the track takes such a different curve I am left wondering what happened to the track was listening too. Then at 3:32 I brought back to that dirty little girl they call bass. Overall I liked the diversity of the track I would have liked the synth track to be a little less ( maybe some compression/ limiter) for me but that is my preference. Gotta see what you do next :-)
2012-09-22 17:44:48
Insix - Rasta (Original Mix)
DUDE SHICK SIT!! Love this track the energy is outta the park!! Hearing music like this makes proud to be a DJ and introduce new fresh ideas like this to my followers and fellow DJs. Can't wait to listen to the rest of your tracks while I awaken bravo!!
response from artist Thank you thank you! lol
2012-09-22 17:31:08
Insix - Valley (Original Mix)
Track really keeps me moving, I think the synth could be a little less prominent allowing that amazing deep bass line to shine thru a little more. But what a solid track thanks for getting my groove on this morning.
response from artist Thank you for your feedback. Yes I see where what your talking about the deep bass. I am glad you enjoyed it bro!
2012-09-22 17:27:24
Insix - Nicky Romero-Toulouse (Insix Remix)
WOW this kept me bouncing in my chair Love it man. Keep up the music nice and loud for this track.
response from artist Thank you DJ Drew!
2012-09-22 17:21:07