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rafaelmgatto - Alien Attack
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Nice variation of syncopation and 4/4 straightforwardness. I love sound FX, and the kick is solid although I would like more boom. The kick you have fits the song better. Nice melody, too. Hearing this on bad speakers right now, but heard it on good ones and sounded ok, too. Could use more variation and extra background instruments... within context, of course :P Goin to the playlist, it will be... Great job! Peace! :D
2009-08-21 01:35:24
Alpha - Deep Forest
Sound FX are great, like in the intro for example. I like how the energy comes straight in at the beginning. Your breaks don't sound all that creative, but at least you put them in there, which is more than I can say for a lot of DJs on here. The acid synth gives it a really gritty goa nature that I can appreciate. Only hint of a melody I can hear is near 3:00, everything is mostly octave changes is in the lead instrument and were kind of easy to get used to. Well mastered and perfect for a club, especially with that slammin' bass'n kick combo! Great job! :D
response from artist Ok cool
2009-08-21 00:19:41
Rouxby - Liberation
The bass comes in very well, but the LFO sounds kinda funky. Can't really hear what the melody is supposed to be, but the notes are fun and so is the little break in 1:10! Is it safe to say this sounds a little video-game-ish, as well? That's a good thing, btw. Plucked instrument is awesome and very, how do you say, uplifting? I just noticed the melody follows 7 measures instead of eight which reminds me of Venitian Snares, only more peacefull :P Needs a better ending. In any case, great song! Peace :)
response from artist Thanks for your review! =)Haha yeah, seems I have a tendency to make video-gamish sounding songs huh? =p Thanks again!
2009-08-17 15:50:09
E2U - who remembers heaven
Might want to throw that scratch FX at the intro through a low pass filter or tone it down a bit. Didn't really feel the transition between the intro and the melody @1:22. In fact, if you lowered the scratch in volume it might have sounded cool to extend into the melody :/ but that's your call. Melody is pretty cool. Love the chords and instruments you choose, overall! Very original for a new-age track. The ending left me wanting more, and then it just cuts-out! :( Oh well, great song in any case! :D
2009-08-17 15:43:25
LeMarque - Light (Elitna ekipa) - Zelim samo tebe (LeMarque)
Maybe I'm being unrealistic here, but the harmonics on the bass piano notes make it sound unmastered. Great job on bringing out the vocals in front if the instruments! Not a big fan of the melody, could sound better with subtle harmony or some background synth. Wish I understood the lyrics. :P Oh, and quite an appropriate ending. Nice song! :D
response from artist Hey mate, you're absolutely right,track is just mixed and exported, no mastering done! I usualy don't work hiphop, so this was a little experiment for me. About the lyrics...a guy in love with a girl and is so amazed by her that he will do anything to be with her...bla,bla,bla... :-) if you have some good idea for this track to be better,just let me know,we work something out,thans for the review,cheers!
2009-08-17 15:37:21
A/C - nature (2nd edit)
Intro is perfect. Period. The background synth is very soothing. The hi-hat might sound better if it were a bit more noticeable than the the snare, but the kick is well leveled. Creative choir vocals you got goin on there. I love the melody, BTW. It sounds so serene and acoustic with the pitch-bending (reminds me of the brier patch on Donkey Kong Country 2, lol). I could meditate on it if it were longer :P Could've had a better resolve for the ending, but that is my opinion. It just didn't feel like a "cliff-hanger" type of melody, but I like the gong/splash cymbal at the end. Awesome work!
response from artist thank you! i like your honest review. I might just come out with an extended mix one day
2009-08-17 15:30:18
DJ TWEAK UK - BliptraxPart2
During the intro I hear an inclination more to house than electro, very suitable (and unique, at least to MY ears). Swings well and has a lot of energy. It's an awesome song, but I don't really hear anything that makes it stick out from other songs. Not very original, to be honest. The kick and bass are perfect and go great with the sound FX. Plus, it's pretty well mastered, overall. Nice job! :D
response from artist Thanks for the review, you are totally right. I sat back and thought, wheres the key changes? the energy is there but musically it is lacking.
2009-08-17 15:18:21
Beat Assist - Pump It
Dude, the sound effects are SICK! What instrument did you use? It sound very minimalistic with a bit of acid/hardcore influence. The percussion has a good balance of variation and repetition. After 2:10 is very interesting, I liked the creepiness of the chords. The song overall could use more build or progression but other than that it sounds awesome! First song I've planned on adding to the playlist in a while ;) Great job!
response from artist Hey bro... the effects are a modification of some effects of Dance Ejay 2 rewired to Reason 3.0. Tkx for listenning and im suprised you gave me 9.5 on this :D... tkx again. Stay In!
2009-08-11 05:03:15
Rajamaldi - Jumpitude
I like the instruments and all, but it's so short and feels like it's not going anywhere TBH. Nice melody and percussion is on target. Bass is pretty cool and sounds nice with the kick.
response from artist Thanx for being honest.Thats what we all need to get better and go forward :)
2009-08-11 04:55:06
Dj Griffin - It's All in Your Mind (And I'll Kill Anyone)
Wow, I really love the variation of grooves you use. The bass itself is perfect but too repetitive. Vocals are nice. You should jazz it up a bit with some more bass or synth variations. Peace!
2009-08-07 02:10:09