Song Review Date Posted
Oshmusik - Breaker (Blackfloormix)
Love the intro! Could use a better build sequence, but the overall groove of the song is still outstanding. Nice mastering, but needs less feedback on the reverb and a little equalizing. Nice panning and stereo stuff. Awesome choice of instruments! Great song, overall. Thanks for makin'! :D
response from artist Cool CrayZ...Thanx alot for the tips and the fine words..Peace mate
2010-02-02 04:16:54
POP Stream - Happy
This is an awesome song. I like the subtlety in the background synths. The lyrics are great! I especially like the hook, but the verses could use some chorus and just a little vocal-work (ie. more projection). 3:19-3:36 that synth solo was sick! Great work, peace! :D
2010-01-26 15:20:25
goodwill - first beat of 2010-"ive gone threw life pretending "
(no ratings)
Although I'm not really into the overall production techniques you are using, the track is still pretty tight. 34 seconds in I like the staccato notes you apply to the synthesizer melody. I gotta go spit a flow now, thanks :P Good work, peace!
2010-01-09 17:53:32
Dj_REL - Sitaric Feeling
Oooh, something different! :) I like it. Nice drum line and snare rolls. Bass is okay, but could use some variation like a different bass instrument to replace a few of the notes or fill in some space or something. It'd be cool to hear some breaks or short solos on the drums or bass (or any instrument for that matter) ;) Arpeggio at 1:53 sounds very creative and original. Nice mastering and nice builds, too. Awesome work, dude! Peace :D
response from artist Hehe, thx a lot im glad u liked even if its not psy. Yah work lot on my mastering.
2010-01-04 15:43:23
Dj_REL - Twisted Dream
Very "infected mushroom" sounding first few seconds of the intro. The slow drums draw me in as I await the intense impending energy. Very psy in a traditional sense, yet your own style slapped on to it with fervor (very nice)! Upon realization the whole song reminds me very much of Infected Mushroom's style (in a good way, especially when it comes to the whole melody thing I told you about a LONG time ago). Speaking of long time :( sorry I have waited so unnecessarily long to review this song. My life has been "time-consuming" since we last spoke, and since then my... WAIT! 3:40 is KICK ASS! Great subtle melody to go along with the bass. Just had to throw that in there :P Don't have much time to get into details. Anywhooo.... Awesome job! :D Peace! (I'm adding this to my playlist. Too bad I can't download it ;) [wink, wink])
response from artist Hehe the intense impending energy. Its all cool bout time i don't mind at all. Your reviews counts a lot to my eye. Thx for the review. Seeya later perhaps on msn. =).
2009-12-09 04:21:37
Psy Conversion - Future People Masterised
Nice spatial effects. The snare is perfect, even the effects on it. It really does sound well mastered, but from a production stand point the bass doesn't sound too sexy. That arpeggiated synth sounds very "filling" and brings out the drums for some odd reason :P Nice job, nice mastering except for the clipping. Stereo mastering and equalizing are on point but the amplitude levels are causing a ton of clipping. Good luck with all that. Peace! :D
response from artist Thank you very much :)
2009-12-09 04:12:09
- Soulforge - By Any Means (Pete Decastro Remix)
(no ratings)
Didn't really like the intro. The electric piano is really soothing and goes well with the choir pad. It almost has a an element of trance (don't think I ever heard Soulforge's Original). Anyway, nice song ;) peace!
response from artist thanks man!im not 100% sure about intro too, didnt want to start with piano right away like original. u should ear it. Glad u liked it peace!
2009-09-11 02:11:55
SoulforgeK2 - HAHA
Nice melody! Great transitions and roll on the hi-hat. Square wave makes for a great filler in the background! One of the best parts about the song is the variations on the melody you experiment with. I agree it is more trancey than housey, but who cares? It's awesome! Peace :D
2009-08-22 06:21:13
Rajamaldi - Retro Sequence
Nice delay at the beginning. You should have waited another 4 measures before bringing in the hi-hat. Bass does not sound Disco at all, but sounds appropriate for the song and is quite nice. 2:07 sounded awesome, especially the change in percussion! Strings are a little sharp but ok, and the song is pretty groovy. Nice job! ;) Peace!
2009-08-21 10:02:32
Electric Disection - Nine To Five
Interesting chord changes... something about this song just SCREAMS Sega Genesis! Brings me back, it really does. :P I love the simplicity in the synth, and the percussion is spot-on! The off key nature of the pad brings out the arpeggio quite well. Mastering is great! Awesome, another one on my playlist. Peace! :)
response from artist Thanks a lot for the good review and rating. Glad you enjoyed it. :)
2009-08-21 09:53:15