- jungle dance( fb me lindokuhle changule

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Reviewed by: Lindokuhle Changule

Synthworx - What Dreams May Come (Theme Music)

Reviewed by: ThunderBeats77

This one is absolutely wonderful and really touched me. Just keep Believe, Seek, Learn, and Hope, and your Dreams will come true! Have a great weekend! :)

Pluxx7 Music Studio - Stingray Crossover Dj Mix

Reviewed by: Susanne Irma Weingärtner

Echt guter Party Song..geht gut ab.

Pluxx7 Music Studio - Silent Water

Reviewed by: Susanne Irma Weingärtner

Zum Entspannen sehr gut... Lg Susanne

sir kidd - manhood ( original mix )

Reviewed by: Synthworx

Welcome and thank you for sharing your musical ideas on iDJ Sirkidd. all the best to you in your future musical ventures. Cheers mate.

HasenChat Music - Feed me with a Kiss ( Deep House Mix )

Reviewed by: sir EatMe

I really feel pranked a bit when I find out that behind this actual label with a lot of songs with (stock) images from various females is actually a single male producer that keeps on mixing vocal samples over simple (midi file?) loops with rather generic titles and sometimes a little monkeying around on top. This music isn't really attractive, it has a lot of repetitive bass, and the vocals are very weirdly harmonized in multiple tones. The xylophone lead is.. not really making any sense. I give you a 3.5 for the effort. Please read more about music theory and stop pretending to be a hot series of women from google and other aesthetics, or rather just only use japanese characters in the font with the added own text.

HasenChat Music - Feed me with a Kiss ( Deep House Mix )

Reviewed by: DJ Moj@r

Bdeezy d - lunar bright

Reviewed by: Synthworx

Really cool track E.dropp I love the use of sounds and vocal glitches in this one, all the best mate as always cheers.

Synthworx - The Vital Signs Of Chill

Reviewed by: Watch The World Burn With You+

i really love playing mass effect to this song love it

Synthworx - Soar To The Sky (A Jumpers Dream)

Reviewed by: ThunderBeats77

While i'm listening to this track i have a ski jumper in my mind and his feeling while he is flying in the air. Great one! :)