The hit show from Netflix comes with a very retro 80's soundtrack.

Who doesn’t love some 80’s nostalgia and it doesn’t come much more nostalgic than the Duffer brothers hit show Stranger Things, a Netflix exclusive. Set in 1983 the sci-fi horror pays meticulous detail to the style and sounds of the time not least of all in it’s creepy soundtrack that evokes memories of Vangelis and of course the soundtracks John Carpenter composed to accompany his own flicks.

This of course isn’t the first time that Synthwave has made a comeback following it’s own nostalgia fueled inception back in the mid 2000’s. The 2011 crime thriller Drive featured a number of Synthwave artists renewing interest in the genre and interest that will certainly be rekindled by Stranger Things composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein whose band S U R V I V E take maximum advantage of all those old synths you wish you had.

The distinctive sound of Synthwave emerged from the influence of Space Disco into early forms of French House and remnants are certainly obvious in the music of Cassius and Daft Punk to just name a couple. It remains to be seen if the success of Stranger Things will drive Synthwave more into the mainstream but for the many producers out there who dabble in the Genre any renewed interest is certainly welcome.

If you are not a Netflix subscriber you can still get a taste of the Stranger Things vibe by watching the first 8 minutes of the show here on Youtube.