Music by EatMe in this mega song pack can be used in the software sequencer / tracker Renoise.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you an enormous Renoise song pack by internetDJ member EatMe. Within the pack is music by EatMe which can be used by either the demo or registered version of software sequencer / tracker Renoise 3.1 or above.

Download EatMe – Renoise Mega Song Pack

EatMe – Renoise songs inside this archive:

By yours, EatMe.

Renoise is a computer software sequencer (tracker). The music by EatMe is made inside Renoise.
Required to open the song files (.xrns) is Renoise 3.1 or later, you can use the demo version or registered version.

The .xrns Renoise song files by EatMe in this song pack contain various samples and references to some external plugins:

VST instruments

Synth1 – synthesizer plugin

VST effects

These VST plugin files are required for optimal playback.
VST plugin files work on Windows operating system only.
VST plugin files are .dll files to place in your VST folder to select in the Plugs/Misc section in the preferences of Renoise.
The required freeware effect plugins have been included in this package.