I Josh You Not.

There is no turning back for singer/synth player Elly Jackson and co-writer/ co-producer Ben Langmaid. The UK pair known as La Roux have gone too far into the realm of champion. The funkified sound they seem to so effortlessly produce is a proper blend of nostalgia and the avant guard.

Elly, a siren for the ages is a walking tribute to glam rock androgyny, and her haunting, electrifying vocals paired with the sexy synths create worth while tunage. Any self respecting music lover worth their salt should be aware of their club hit Bulletproof that dropped in August of 2009.

It was only a matter of time before a self titled album of equal caliber was unleashed upon the beat nation. The album dropped in the US by Cherrytree Records on September 29, 2009. It is an album of completeness, audible fortitude and poignant lyrics touching upon the wide spectrum of human emotions and the essence of what it is to be human.

The eclectic twosome are on tour as we speak and judging by the quixotic adventures in their videos that at times resemble a live action Mondrian painting, their shows will stop time. You can find a list of their tour dates, songs as well as some primo remixes on their Myspace. A few I highly recommend are In for the Kill, Bulletproof and I’m Not Your Toy.

The experience of this collection of tasty jams that include a battle cry for the scorned lover and tender ballads (one that includes the London Community Gospel Choir) is cathartic. This dulcet album is a Jem in the true sense of the 80s animated series. They are proficient in funk and their synergy is top drawer. The vernacular spelling does not do this sublime dyad justice and to be honest…it’s so passé. Besides, passé is only for the bootleggers. One thing I respect most in this life is the original thought which seems to be few and far between these days. Elly, I bow down to the queen of the original thought. I josh you not.