A trip down memory lane.

I remember the excitement of discovering music to listen to. From The Pet Shop Boys to Depeche Mode, Jean Michel-Jarre to Yello to the KLF. They were all great, all inspiring.

And I remember clearly the excitement of receiving my first keyboard, a Casio MT65! Not many sounds, not many rhythms, all FM but it gave me the taste for creating. A battle then ensued to win my love between Casio and Yamaha, with my wallet battling the two of them! I think Casio won in the end but it was a close call. In fact I have recently bought one of my favourites from my teenage years, a Casio HT700 that now sits proudly in my studio. But more about that later.

Many mornings I would wake up early just to sit up, look through my bleary eyes and stare at my new (well second hand usually) keyboard sitting at the end of my bedroom underneath my posters of football teams and on top of my second hand keyboard stand (which I still have), and then rubbing my eyes to clear them enough to get out of bed, grab he keyboard and sit in bed for hours playing away and composing a new tune to record on cassette tape.

Hours and hours of pure enjoyment at discovering a new chord sequence and new harmony, a new combination of preset Rhythms and sounds. All with the goal of producing albums recorded on my cheap cassette deck, and all for my own pleasure. No one else really ever has heard those tunes or albums, hundreds of tunes locked away on cassette. I still have them all, some I have taken the time of converting to MPS, again, purely for my own fun and a bit of nostalgia.

Those were the days, not interent, no CD to record on, no PC, not much really, but fun all the same.