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Armin Van Buuren’s May 2006 triumph, ‘A State of Trance 2006’ is truly a lesson in the art of modern Trance music. Already an astonishing year for Armin with his album “Shivers” winning 2 awards in the category “Best Album” at the Dutch Release Dance Awards and the prestigious Edison Awards, we had much to talk about in our second interview with this superstar DJ/Producer.

Armin Van Buuren Interview
We caught Armin on his mobile, so quality ain’t there this time… we’ll get him good next.
Audio Interview {MP3} (by Dennis Sebayan)

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“A State Of Trance 2006”
Artist: Armin Van Buuren
Format: CD
Released: May 16, 2006
Label: Ultra Records
Disc 1 – At The Beach
1. Mike Foyle – Shipwrecked (John O Callaghan vs Mike Foyle Club mix – AvB intro edit)
2. Sunlounger – White Sand (DJ Shah’s Original Mix)
3. Leon Bolier feat. Elsa Hill – No Need to come back (vocal mix)
4. Matthew Dekay – Timeless (Digifruitella dub)
5. Karen Overton – Your Loving Arms (Club mix)
6. DJ Shah – Beautiful (Glimpse of heaven) (Long Island dub)
7. Niyaz – Dilruba (Junkie XL Remix)
8. Basic Perspective – Small Step to the Other Side (Elevation remix)
9. Zirenz – Edge of Space (Whiteroom remix)
10. Jody Wisternoff – Cold Drink, Hot Girl (The Original Mix)
11. Incolumis – One With Sanctuary
12. Jose Amnesia vs. Shawn Mitiska – My All (Flashbrothers remix)
13. Envio – For You (Outro Edit)

Disc 2 – In The Club

1. Arksun – Arisen
2. Fable – Above
3. O’Callaghan & Kearney – Exactly
4. Kyau vs. Albert – Walk Down (KvA Club Mix)
5. Kuffdam & Plant – Dream Makers (Original Mix)
6. M.I.K.E. – Voices from the inside (Mike’s Progressiva mix)
7. DJ Govenor – Red Woods
8. Kyau vs. Albert – Kiksu (Original Mix)
9. Hiroyuki ODA – Transmigration
10. Under Sun vs Signum – Captured (Sebastian Brandt)
11. Mannix vs Kaymak – World Gone mad
12. Stoneface & Terminal – Venus
13. Armin van Buuren – Control Freak (Sander van Doorn remix)
14. Thomas Bronzwaer – Shadow World (Original mix)
15. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Marc van Linden – Until Monday
16. Armin van Buuren – SAIL

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