Watch the latest music video of the title track ‘Today’ off Junkie XL’s latest album. It is released April 18th from Ultra Records.

With his signature poor boy cap and tie, Junkie XL, aka Tom Holkenborg, is one of electronic music’s most celebrated musicians. For the follow-up to his third album, 2004’s “Radio JXL – A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin,” Junkie XL will release TODAY April 18 via Ultra Records.

Today captures hints of several genres with brilliantly orchestrated, floating melodies and a firm base of pumping house rhythms. You’ll hear Junkie XL featuring many guitar leads reminiscent of his first two discs ‘Saturday Teenage Kick’ (1997) and ‘Big Sounds of the Drags (1999)’. He also uses only one singer, newcomer Nathan Mader who also co-wrote the lyrics for “Drift Away,” “We Become One,” and “Even In This Moment.” Long-time friend and collaborator Lucas Banker was also involved in writing the lyrics used on Today.

“My previous albums would go all over the place, from reggae to funk to techno, whatever,” Holkenborg says. “The last three albums were big, conceptual albums, with a whole theory behind them. For this album, I went back to basics as I just wanted to make 10 great tracks. This album is more of just one thing—that’s what I wanted to do; it’s really a vibe that I’m in right now. So that’s why it’s called Today. It’s pretty much where I stand right now in my musical development.”

Artist: Junkie XL
Released: April 18, 2006

Label: Ultra Records
1: Youthful
2: Mushroom
3: Such A Tease
4: Today
5: Drift Away
6: I Have Got A Xerox To Copy
7: Even In This Moment
8: Yesterdays
9: Honey
10: We Become One

Watch the Video

Tour Schedule
April 18 Hollywood, CA Egyptian Theater

April 21 Detroit, MI Bleu

April 22 Atlanta, GA eleven50

April 23 Jacksonville, FL Blue Room

April 28 New York, NY Crobar

April 29 Dallas, TX Lizard Lounge

May 5 San Diego, CA Fourth & B

May 6 Los Angeles, CA Avalon

May 11 San Francisco, CA Ruby Skye

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