Armand Van Helden Track Instant House Classic

Armand’s single “Hear My Name” from his latest mix CD “New York: A Mix Odyssey” is damn spanking good. So good that we’re certain you’ll think so too. Although the music video might be too risque for MTV, there’s nothing stopping us from giving you what you want. Check it right here.

Unless you’be been living in a hole for the past month, or you’re too much of a Trance snob to appreciate a solid House cut (ok sometimes that’s me too), Armand Van Helden released a new mix cd after two very long years. On this mix CD, Armand sneaks in a few original tracks, “Hear My Name, “My My My” and “Let Me Lead You.” No doubt the first one will be heard in countless outlets, even in the sometimes backwards taste of the American music world. The single already hit #1 in the UK on Mixmag and Music Week Buzz and Club Charts. In the US, Billboard recently wrote, “Lead single “Hear My Name” is poised to be as popular as Van Helden’s late-’90s anthem ‘U Don’t Know Me.”

The “Hear My Name” video is also causing a stir, most likely for the odd spanking scene or two. And our precious FCC probably wouldn’t like MTV to air that particular video, so we’ve given it to you in full below. Remember to say “Spank you very much, InternetDJ”.

New York: A Mix Odyssey Track Listing:

Hmm… is it me, or does Armand look a lot like Ali G? Or vice-versa?

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