This article covers issues pertinent to promoting your independent music and DJ creations using your artist website.

First of all what exactly does an agent do?

In general, and depending on your agreement maybe more, your agent will book your events, handle your press and media interviews, distribute your promotional material and essentially aim to get you and your music out there.

So how do you go about getting to do this?

Streamline your site; release informative press releases, spark the creativity in film directors with vivid descriptions to your sound samples, provide your fans with incentives to keep coming back …then go out there and promote it. will set the stage for you to be heard globally, and ultimately act as a personalised agent. Sounds simple? It is.

The main objective here is to get you and your music out there and different people you promote to will want different things. This is where your agent comes in. Clubs and other event organisers will want booking info and something to tell them that they should book you for their Saturday night gig: sound samples, fan comments, marketing hype. Press and media will want a reason to interview you, and this is what your agent gives them.

Ok, so now that is packed with everything people could want, what next…

You promote it! Flyers, cds and records, your car’s bumper sticker, a postcard in the hands of the stuffed bear sitting in the back window of your mate’s girlfriend’s car… if isn’t already written there, put it there!

Take advantage of how easy it is to remember. Give it to people, put it in ezines, free online classifieds, in your newsletter [you are sending out newsletters aren’t you?], in the phone book, the local newspaper and wherever else you can think of that might get it seen.

Now considering visually reflects you and your music, provides fans with interesting news and up-to-date info and gives club owners and media people your hard to remember contact info, I’d say you’d have yourself a pretty good agent on just $20 a month!

And even though an actual agent will probably have a few more contacts than you starting out, there is nothing to say that you can’t gain the same contacts or even become a better agent, through effective marketing of your music. Remember, with you are in total control.

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