Need an excuse to get out of the house this weekend? Here’s a great list of events for our NYC area visitors.

Friday November 9

David Bowie, Steven Evans, Jane Kaplowitz, et al

Group Exhibition, 6-8pm

Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, 453 West 17th St.

*Dave, in the immortal words of Ms Janet Jackson–What have you done for us lately? Your “art” is neither freaked-out nor sex-fueled, it’s just tame. How longare you going to ride the droopy garter belts of Ziggy Stardust fame? If you’re one of the Bowie-brigade, you’re better off just hassling him in person at the party he’s throwing for Iman–the Venetian fly to his Spider from Mars. She’s written an autobiography, you know:

(Tuesday at Donna Karan on Madison–call 564-6367×35

for an invite.)

James Elkin, Pictures and Tears

Book Launch, 6-8pm

The New Museum store

*”Mommy, that doggie’s face is making us feel sad!” Posters of puppies peeping out of tennis shoes is guaranteed to fill us up. Not to mention that kitty-kat that just can’t help but “hang in there”!

Still, no shortage of tears here–we practically short-circuited our keyboard trying to think of something valid to say about Elkin. Where’s the New Museum again?

Saturday November 10

Widely Unknown, curated by Eugenie Joo

Dietch Projects 6-8pm

*Widely unknown to us, too. Still, Dietch is Dietch. So, stop by, grab a warm forty, hang in the local lot, and re-enact your favorite scenes from “Kids” no more than 20 deconstructed jumpers from Harmony himself.

Lee Friedlander: The Little Screens

Book Signing Reception, 6-8pm

International Center of Photography

*Lee Friedlander’s photographs (he was in his stride 40 years ago) are clever in the way that juggling is clever, or chess problems are. He was never a social commentator, and maybe that’s why his pics haven’t dated, but neither are they dramatic. If you’re interest in photography stops at Penthouse, don’t bother.


Art Experiment and After Party, 7pm and 10pm

GAle Gates, 37 Main St, DUMBO, Bklyn,

Info: 212.714.8358

Catering to the one-stop-shopping needs of today’s easily distracted art crowd, Gale Gates presents an multi-layered experience which is one part experiment, a pinch of collaboration, a hopeful teaspoon of auction, and an overflowing crack-pipe of artist ego mixed together for a good cause- the Emerging Curator’s Series. Though, most multi-media art speaks more about the artist’s in ability to commit rather than a more engaging experience, Colaboratory celebrates the typically inadvertent randomness of the product by highlighting the process: we are allowed to witness painting, photography, film, fashion design, music, poetry, architecture, graffiti, jewelry, sculpture artists, come together to start their works, only to let them pass through an assembly line of creativity to their ultimate and possibly scary completion. Come be the judge whether they’ll share the praise or the blame.

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