Doe-ran - Chillin' Like A Villain

5 yrs, 1 mth

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How's it goin' I've realised that I've neglected some quality mash-ups over the last few mixes, due to the tempos being upbeat. So, I've decided to rectify this, with a nice laidback mix.

Stay thirsty my friends,


Exodus of Life (Bob Marley v. Leftfield) – DJ Fac
Teardrops Fly Around (Justin Timberlake v. Massive Attack v. Lenny Kravitz) – ToTom
Hotel FEAR (The Eagles v. Ian Brown v. Burial) – Colatron
28 Miles Later (Eminem v. John Murphy)
Feel Boots Inc. (U2 (Justice Remix) v. Gorillaz) – Elocnep
Kickaround Sue – (Biggie v. Bobby Vee) – Cheekyboy
Thinking of No One (Beatles v. Danmass) – Unknown
Confused Imagination (John Lennon v. The Temptations v. Jim Morrison) – Team 9
Boom Biddy Ravine (Cypress Hill & Fugees v. Ar Re Yaouank) – Fissunix
Together As One (Beatles v. U2 v. Diana Ross v. Mariah Carey) - DJ Earworm
Angie’s Summer Nights (Nightmares On Wax v. Angie Stone v. Quincy Jones v. The 
O’Jays) - The Beathunters
I Feel Nightclubbing (Depeche Mode v. Iggy Pop) - ToTom
The Weather Episode (Crowded House v. Dre & Snoop) – Go Home Productions
Criminology Movement (Wu-Tang v. King Tubby) – Macro Dubplates
Don’t Fuss When You Leave (Stephen Marley v. Stevie Wonder) – DJ Fac
Everyday Struggle v. Monkey Man (Biggie v. Rolling Stones) – Epiksoundz
Whistler’s Delight – Prank Monkey
Paper Rump (Wreckx N’ Effect v. MIA) – DJ Tripp
Frontin’ On The Root Down – (Beastie Boys v. The Who) – DJ iTrain
Shimmember Me (Ol’ Dirty Bastard v. Blue Boy) – DJ not I
Pump Up The Doorbell (White Stripes v Eric B & Rakim) – Party Ben
What’s My Name – DJ John Mash-up
GoldFinga (Kanye West v. Shirley Bassey) – DeeDub
Message For The City (Stevie Wonder v. Mellie Mel) - DJ BC
Get Eastwood (Sean Paul v Gorillaz v Black Eyed Peas)
Lullaby Love (drum mix) (The Cure v Justin Timberlake) – Ben Double M
Elecro Funk 21 (Propellerheads v. Jakatta v. Oasis v Others) – DJ John Mash-up
The Spirit Of Ray (Ray Charles v. ZZ Top v. Norman Greenbaum) – Mixplosiv

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