Ear Drop (The Mixtape) by Elio Stereo

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 The project began after a conversation with Miami club promoter whose name i can't say. I called to check up on the guy and to let him know of my arrival to the Miami area; he said: "dude, get me your mixtape and i'll get you into one of my venues". By this point i was 3 days away from christmas, and after 6 years of DJing i thought to myself "What Am I Waiting For"?

That same night I started the track search for what was going to be my first mixtape. The next morning i had 39 prospects and by midnight i had started the recording process; process that lasted approximately 10 continuous hrs (no sleep), opened for business until 4pm to then rearrange The Warehouse for the last party of the year. After some hrs of sleep I wake up to catch a flight, it was christmas eve, mixtape was just waiting for mastering.

In between partying with old friends, last minute shopping and spending time with the fam; 4 days have gone by until the mixtape was finally ready for printing. And there i was at the only print shop that would give me a presentable product for my fans and other listeners before my flight back to ATL on the 1st.

Unbelievably enough Ear Drop was released and distributed over the South Floridian Map before my return. Of course, it wasn't early enough for the promoter to get me a gig but promising opportunities were offered... the rest is history.

Release date: Jan 1, 2011 

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