Electric Reminder

6 yrs, 8 mths

#Goa/Psytrance #France

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 Hi everybody 

This is my last dj set recorded from the party " Electric Reminder " 13/03/2010

Dickster & Burn in Noise : Tumbleweed
Journey : Ghost Radio
Freakulizer : Codex
Dickster & Burn in Noise : The Wibbler
Headroom : Deadroom
The Commercial Hippies : If you can't stop the heat ( Journey Rmx )
Burn in Noise : Last window
Journey & Monastic Quid : Itaca
Headroom : The vaab rater
Zen Mechanics : Hallucination Generation
Sonic Species : The bend future
Shalys : Tonicity
In Lak Ech : apologies civilization
Shalys : Sunrise Dreamer
M-Theory feet Zen Mechanics: Ultrasonic
X.I : Ghost in the machine ( U-Recken Rmx )

Have a good trip 


i'm looking for a promoter ( serious ) to play in a usa tour in your beautiful and techno country

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