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This one is a straight ahead funky -ass mashup party mixtape... Lots of old favourites and a bunch of shit no one's heard before.
Judging by the state of my house after playing it for some friends last weekend I would suggest moving your valuables and using plastic cups...
                        ***** NOT FOR KIDS ****

Tracklist: This is the best I can do... ( in no particuliar order )
Dr Who, Chenard Walcker, The Bran Flakes, Betty White, Audio 1, Cut Chemist, George Bush, Snoop Dogg, Evolution Control Commitee, Yoda, Aesop Rock, Frank Oz, Backstreet Boys, Quest, Droplift, The OJ's, Flava Flav, KGBKid, Maude,Beach Boys, Knifehandchop, Cartman, John Lithgow, Mad Conductor, Bob Dylan, Dj NoBreakfast, Pee-Wee Herman, Kathy Griffith, Carol King, Radiohead, Samuel Jackson, Do or DIY w.People Like Us, Scott Walmsley, Negativeland, Fat Albert, and many more...

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