al l bo - Around The World (Radio EP Megamix)

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#House #Russian Federation

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N/A | 82 | 10/10

RELEASE DATE: 2016-09-07
LABELS: WorldOfBrights / Stellar Map WorldWide
STYLES: Nu-Disco | Chillout | Deep House | Club House

"Get the good mood to share it around the world from 18 deeply personal musical dance projects of Russia, USA, Argentina, Ukraine & Belarus fully loaded warm and happy analog synths sounds and angelic vocals of russian nu-disco vocalist & dance producer al l bo. Remixes of "al l bo - Around The World" original song (with karaoke versions) by Andres NekrassoV, Artful Fox, Artur Montecci, Alex Sail, Black Mafia DJ, DJ Andre, Hishi, Kolyan-BY, laszlo Nikulin, Mike Cox, Nick Wowk, Pavel Gerasimoff, Petr, Sairtech, The Soap Opera, Von Hex & XOXX included!"

released September 7, 2016

Tracklist of Around The World (EP Megamix):

01. Around The World (Alex Sail Remix)
02. Around The World (Sairtech Instrumental Remix)
03. Around The World (XOXX Instrumental Remix)
04. Around The World (laszlo Nikulin Instrumental Remix)
05. Around The World (Andres Nekrassov Instrumental Remix)
06. Around The World (Artful Fox Instrumental Remix)
07. Around The World (Hishi Instrumental Remix)
08. Around The World (Original Mix)
09. Around The World (Artur Montecci Instrumental Remix)
10. Around The World (Nick Wowk, al l bo Instrumental Remix)
11. Around The World (The Soap Opera Instrumental Remix)
12. Around The World (The Soap Opera Club Instrumental Edit)
13. Around The World (Petr Instrumental Remix)
14. Around The World (Mike Cox Remix)
15. Around The World (Black Mafia DJ Instrumental Remix)
16. Around The World (Kolyan-BY Instrumental Remix)
17. Around The World (DJ Andre Instrumental Remix)
18. Around The World (Pavel Gerasimoff Remix)
19. Around The World (Von Hex Remix)

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