The Soap Opera - Soaperation, Caress & Fond (album megamix)

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RELEASE DATE 2016-06-16
LABELS WorldOfBrights / Clouds Testers the Legendaries
STYLES: Nu-Disco | Deep House | Disco House | Indie Dance

"WorldOfBrights / Clouds Testers labels group introduced the debut "spin-off" album of Russian electronics engineer and vocalist Alexander Bobrov - "The Soap Opera - Soaperation: Caress & Fond". In contrast to well-known compositions, recorded by Alexander Bobrov for indie projects "al l bo", "Clouds Testers" and "Arne Woutersax" on heavy analog synthesizers from the 80s, The Soap Opera's debut album mostly created in modern digital sound. Canonicity of Deep-Disco by "The Soap Opera" transformed several tracks of the project to national dance hits that broadcasted by several federal FM-stations in CIS-region. "Soaperation: Caress & Fond" album (2016) includes all previously released The Soap Opera's tracks, first time published remixes and special instrumental "karaoke" versions for vocalists and saxophonists working in Deep / Indie / Disco styles."

Released June 16, 2016 

Tracklist of Soaperation: Caress & Fond (album megamix):


01. al l bo - Hidden Cry (The Soap Opera Remix)
02. al l bo - Love Affect (The Soap Opera Remix)
03. al l bo - Accused In Fashion Crime (The Soap Opera Remix)
04. al l bo - The Other Side Of The Moon (Artful Fox, The Soap Opera Remix)
05. al l bo - Fickle High (The Soap Opera Remix)
06. al l bo - London Awaits (The Soap Opera Remix)
07. al l bo - Rocket Star (Alex Sail, The Soap Opera Remix)
08. al l bo - Moscow Matrix (The Soap Opera remix)
09. al l bo - Accused In Fashion Crime (Artful Fox, The Soap Opera Remix)
10. al l bo - Aircraft (Artful Fox, The Soap Opera Remix)
11. al l bo - Because I Love You (The Soap Opera Remix)
12. al l bo - Worldman (The Soap Opera Remix)
13. al l bo - Rocket Star (The Soap Opera remix)
14. al l bo - Solar Aqua (The Soap Opera Remix)

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(C) 2016 Poster, Artworks by Alexandra Bobrova

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