U.N.K.L.E. ft/ Moby (Remix by Unknown) older track but wanted to share it.

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Quote from the movie "Alive", 1993 used in this old remix which I thought was simply adding something perfect to an already perfect song.

Many people come up to me and say that had they been there, they surely would have died.
But it makes no sense,because until you're in a situation like that, you have no idea how you'd behave.
To be confronted by solitude without decadence or a single material thing to prostitute it... elevates you to a sprititual plane,
where I felt the presence of God. Now, there's the God they taught me about at school.
And there is the God that's hidden by what surrounds us in this civilization.
That's the God I met."

U N K L E ft Moby God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters

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