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1.Amour by Howl, Jml & Colossus
2.Itchatechnica by Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc
3.Territory by Pola & Bryson
4.Last Breath by Wagz
5.Angel Dust by Wagz
6.Broken by Wagz
7.Sunlight Splinters by Etherwood
8.Long Gone (Original Mix)by Calyx & Teebee
9.Vice City by BMotion
10.Bogeyman Bullshit by Calibre
11.Massa by Stoner
12.Control by 2Whales
13.Multitasking by Calibre
14.Normalize by Ethik
15.Dead Limit by Noisia & The Upbeats
16.Inverse by Noisia & The Upbeats
17.Dream Of You by Calibre
18.Little Heart feat. Bogues (Original Mix)by Hyroglifics

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