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Kendra Black, When I first heard the new single by female singer/songwriter Kendra Black, I said to myself that this is a very well produced up to date R & B music track, the combination of the high pitch women’s voice and the down for the set rapping lyrics, just puts the frosting on the cake, and definitely not an easy thing to do these days when producing R & B tracks, because of auto tune and high end digital hardware available to just about any musician, it’s that much harder to get noticed, but not for Kendra Black and her team, they have just the right creative music work flow to hit their target audience, and the professional experience to hit them again with a follow up album, which is also hard to accomplish, I really can’t wait to hear what the album will sound like, check out her interview followed         by her latest track “Tonight” on the side bar, or visit our main site atwww.gemricoradiowebcast.comwritten by Wilfredo Rodriguez


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