This is the second album from long-time Houser Stonebridge.

Since the mid-80s, Stonebridge has pushed House to its limits to clubbers around the world. On September 24th, Stonebridge will release his second artist album titled ‘Music Takes Me’ on ARMADA.

The album has an exceptionally warm feel to it, marrying eclectic style with solid House foundations. His style is geared for fans of funky vocal house best exemplified by the Summer 2007 monster single ‘SOS‘ and the latin-infused up-and-comer ‘Nothing Without Me’. Both of these singles are featured on the album.

Overall, ‘Music Takes Me’ is a highly enjoyable album, that stokes your energy and makes you feel happy. If that’s what you like to take from Dance music, than this album is highly recommended.

Music Video

Stonebridge – SOS

“Music Takes Me”

Artist: Stonebridge
Format: CD
Label: Armada
Released: September 24th 2007
1. Music Takes Me
2. Close To Heaven
3. S.O.S.
4. You Don`t Know
5. Just U & I
6. A Love Thing
7. Nothing Without Me
8. Take Me I’m Yours
9. I Believe In Love
10. Feeling 4 U

11. Let Me In

12. All I Can Think Of Is You

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