url method description
http://api.internetdj.com GET Submit your request to this url via GET, passing the required and optional variables outlined below.

API Authentication

Format method description
Authentication: Bearer _your_token_ Request Header Included this authentication string within your request. Make sure to replace _your_token_ with the token assigned to you from InternetDJ.

GET Genres

Parameter Type Description
none This API doesn't accept parameters.

GET Media List (songs, mixes, videos)

Parameter Value Required Description
genre_id integer no Enter the identifier for the media genre you'd like to receive. You can get a list of the genreIds from our Get Genres API above. Default: all genres.
media_type_id integer no Enter the media type identifier. 3 for songs, 9 for videos, and 23 for mixes. Default: all media types.
member_name string no Enter the member name to get the list of media uploaded by supplied member.
order_by date, rating, title, or rank no Enter the sort order for your results. Default: date
order_dir asc or desc no Enter the sort direction for your results. Default: asc
page_num integer no Enter the page number . Default: 0 (first page)

GET Media Data

Parameter Value Required Description
media_id integer yes Get media details, including the source file URL, for a specified media id.

GET Media Metrics Data

Parameter Value Required Description
media_id int yes Get metrics for the supplied media identifier.
start date string (like: 2015-01-01) no Retrieves metrics beginning on this date. Defaults to 90 days prior to today.
end date string (like: 2015-06-01) no Retrieves metrics ending on this date. Defaults to today.

GET Member Data

Parameter Value Required Description
member_name string yes Get members details for the specified member name.

GET Article

Parameter Value Required Description
articleId integer yes Get complete article content for specific article id.