In 2017, Sub Zero Project released "The Project", their first hardstyle hit, which led to them receiving widespread attention from across the scene for their use of psy-style kicks blended with hardstyle elements. This also came accompanied with a new live act, featuring the duo's new signature look of their faces being painted in the form of their logo. In 2018, as a followup to "The Project", the duo released "The XPRMNT", which as well came with a new live act featuring a change in attire contributing to the theme of the act. In 2019, the duo released "The Contagion", which served as the lead track for their debut album titled Contagion. In less than three months, their debut album reached over 10 million streams on Spotify.

Rank: #95

Monthly Listeners: 896,961

Annual Earnings: (Wikipedia)

Country: Netherlands