Gou was taught to DJ in 2009 by her friend from Korea. She had her first gig in Cirque Le Soir, Soho, and later performed weekly at The Book Club, East London. In 2013, she learned to use Ableton and began to create her own tracks. Her first track, Hungboo, was completed in 2014. Gou embarked on her first North American tour and made a Boiler Room debut in NYC in 2017. She became the first Korean DJ to play in Berlin's most exclusive nightclub Berghain. She plays more than one hundred live gigs in a year and has performed alongside the likes of Moodymann, The Black Madonna and DJ Koze.

Rank: #80

Monthly Listeners: 1,412,631

Annual Earnings: (Wikipedia)

Country: South Korea


Website: /artist/peggy-gou