Your Music Is Killing Me :: The Young Punx Release Debut

Highly anticpated release from the new darlings of UK dance music.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Oct 13, 2007

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Fatboy Slim, Judge Jules and Pete Tong have given huge support for London-based duo Hal Ritson and Cameron Saunders, better known as The Young Punx. Over the past few years they've been steadily growing a library of killer singles and remixes, a large fan-base and solid appearances at Glastonbury and Summersonic (alongside Gwen Stefani) in Japan.

The Young Punx will release their debut album "Your Music Is Killing Me" on November 26, 2007, preceded by the single of the same name. The Punx are the latest in a series of acts fusing a variety of electronic genres-- and these guys have done it the best so far. Their fresh sound, termed "mashpop and punkstep", combines the best elements of electro-house, breaks, rock and 80s disco pop.

The current single "Your Music is Killing Me", much like the other songs from the album, is performed without the use of samples. It is clearly the stand-out, head-turning song of the debut. It features a blistering guitar/vocal hook, gritty vocals and amusing 80s disco strings that will draw even fringe electro-heads deeper into the scene. These guys are on their way to being the hottest act of 2007.

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"The Young Punx - Your Music Is Killing Me"

"Your Music Is Killing Me"
Artist: The Young Punx
Format: CD
Label: Mofo Hifi
Released: November 29, 2007
Disc One
1. Big Ben
2. Wake Up, Make Up, Bring It Up, Shake Up
3. Fire
4. It Doesn't Stop
5. Young And Beautiful
6. Drum And Bacharach
7. Never Be The Same Again
8. Rockall
9. Drifting On
10. Interplanetary
11. Your Music Is Killing Me
12. Surfalude
13. You've Got To
14. We Roll
15. Backbeat
16. Superman's Brother
17. Dirty Shoes
Disc Two - Limited Edition Bonus Remix Disc
1. You've Got To [Norman Cook Mix]
2. Your Music Is Killing Me [The Young Punx Club Mix]
3. Fire [Phonat Mix]
4. Rockall [Phonat Mix]
5. Young And Beautiful [Laurent Konrad Mix]
6. Your Music Is Killing Me [Phonat Mix]
7. Never Be The Same Again [DJ DLG And RedRoche Mix]
8. You've Got To [Soul Seekerz Mix]
9. Interplanetary [Max Neutra Mix]
10. Rockall [Krafty Kuts Mix]

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