Yet Another 'Best DJ' Poll from Yet Another DJ Magazine

Is it me, or do you think we are inundated with 'Best DJ' polls? It seems as if a lot of these magazine are running out of things to poll about! I think Marketing needs some new ideas.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Dec 5, 2001

Here's a press release from It's a bunch of garbage to get more people to the site. Whatever, I'm just bored from all this same shit.

Who is America's favorite DJ? BPM Culture Magazine and are polling our readers via the website, magazine, record stores and clubs to find out who is "numero uno" in the eyes of the American public.

We will also be asking our associates to get the word out on this contest to as many people as possiBle. The more votes the better!

The top fifty DJs will be featured in Issue #32 of BPM Culture Magazine which also goes to the Miami Winter Music Conference. The DJ that is chosen "#1" will be featured on the cover.

In the interest of fairness we are only allowing one vote per valid email address. This will ensure that things are kept legitimate and somewhat scientific (as close as we are going to get anyway). Voting will close on December 31, 2001.

We would appreciate any help on getting the word out on this contest as the more people that vote the better this will be. We will have clickable banners available should you be inclined to put it up on your web site.

The current data on will be pulled down and the new voting process will be up within the next 24 hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding to help make this contest fair and accurate.

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