World Trade Center Completely Destroyed

(Updated) NYC is in chaos. The Twin Towers are GONE. More pictures to come soon, delayed.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Sep 12, 2001

Someone spray painted "You Are Alive" in big black letters on the building across the street from my apartment. I could see the dust cloud from my window yesterday. Today, the dust cloud is gone from my view, and the gaping hole in the skyline is a ghastly sight. There isn't a cloud in the sky overhead, and not a car or cab to be seen downtown in the east village. I tried to get my pictures developed this morning but no photo labs are open. Will try to get some more pictures from our office in Times Square later.

9/11/2001 Two planes crashed into both of the towers. Entire building is gone, both towers. Saw it happen from my office. I'll post some pictures I took of the disaster tomorrow. There are millions of people walking around the streets. Entire city shutdown. Fighter jets overhead, and military personnel in the streets.

Erased... from existence.

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