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InternetDJ members join the ranks of World Cup fanatics to produce anthems that reflect the global flavor of the tournament. Competition begins now!

Posted by Nelo on Fri Apr 7, 2006

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Before the site members go haywire, this isn't the Official Annual IDJ Remix Comp, more like a warmup. So the World Cup is on its way, a time when the entire world (excluding the USA) goes completly bonkers for the game of Football (Soccer for those of you confused). Millions will attend and Billions will watch as the 32 qualifiers battle it out for global supremacy.

Meanwhile washed up popstars from across the globe record really crap anthems for their countries while the more astute producers make a fortune by penning catchy themes to accompany cheesy TV montages. These tracks get serious radio play as football fever catches hold and shift singles by the bucketload. The most memorable of these anthems in recent times is "Carnival de Paris" by Dario G which did the rounds during the French tournament of 98.

What made this track so successful? It caught the global flavour of the tournament with a variety of cultural sounds accompanied by a sexy latin beat. So what tracks will be pumped out across the planet this June? Why not a track from internetdj?

So we're throwing a little competition, produce a track worthy of the Worlds biggest sports event. Do it however you want - genre, tempo, whatever just make sure it's accessable and fits the flavour of the World Cup.

We haven't decided on any prizes yet, maybe a little trophy for fun and obviously all the prestige that comes from beating InternetDJ's other producers. If I can get 10 quality tracks I may even do a little digital release to coincide with the tournament, who knows?

Rules and Regulations...
1. Only 2 entries allowed per member, entry must be finished track. I.E: Don't send me a half-finished track followed by the real thing or you will be disqualified. Wait till it's done then send it my way.

2.All tracks must have a football flavour, don't just send any crap my way I want it football focused! Record vocals, sample the supporters at your local ground, add some Brazilian spice - do whatever it takes to make your track fit into the athmosphere.

3.All tracks must be submitted in 320kbps mp3 format and be fully mastered, watch those levels! If you don't know how to master a track then now is a great time to learn! The usual suspects on the forum will tell you everything you need to know.

4.Entries to be received no later than May 10th. You have a whole month so get cracking.

5.All tracks must be original, no remixes, no unlicenced samples. This must be your own work and nobody elses.

6.Tracks will be Judged by myself and a selection of music and football experts that I will assemble. The judges decision is final so don't go whining like a bitch.

7.No obscenities in the tracks.

8.Tracks and paypal bribes should be emailed to

9. tracks should be between 3:20 and 5:10 in length so no horribly long and monotonous club mixes please

Any questions?

If anyone is looking for a little inspiration I have reposted a track I made about 6 years ago, a little dated by still appropriate Clicky here - The Footie Song

Good Luck!

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