Winston Giles Releases Debut :: Soundtracks for Sunrise

Winston Giles Orchestra breaks free from Australia with electro/rock fusion album.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Oct 8, 2007

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Originally released in Australia back in 2005, the debut album by The Winston Giles Orchestra, "Soundtracks for Sunrise," remained largely unknown until recently. The UK label 3BEAT will release the album in stores and digitally on October 29, 2007. Listening to their first single "Welcome to the Hotel", you will find a foundation in electronic rhythms and sounds intertwined with classic rock hooks reminiscent of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

The album is a lush aural gift that will serve as a healthy break from your typical hard-driving dance beats. Every song on this album demonstrates masterful composition; moments of pure electronic genius can be heard within the downtempo, experimental and trance elements. Where many others have failed in capturing the perfect blend of guitar-based rock and electro, Winston Giles succeeds with every track. In a word: stunning.

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"The Winston Giles Orchestra - Welcome to the Hotel"

"Soundtracks for Sunrise"
Artist: The Winston Giles Orchestra
Format: CD, MP3
Label: Playup/3Beat
Released: October 29, 2007
1. We Wait For Sunrise
2. Welcome To The Hotel
3. A Little Song
4. Revenge
5. Mercy For The Wicked
6. Morning Shine
7. All Come Together
8. Golden
9. The Banished Matadors
10. The Hostess

About The Winston Giles Orchestra
Winston began his musical career fronting art / punk band Floor 13, which led to him spending a number of years living in the US. He returned to Australia hungry for fresh sounds and soon immersed himself in the emerging dance scene, working with various artists and producers - most successfully as Atari Baby, releasing several albums, remixes and videos under the moniker. In 2004 Winston met up with CJ Dolan who was behind techno outfit Quench. The pair were soon in the studio working on Winston's new songs. Four months later they emerged with 'Soundtracks for Sunrise' the first of a four-part opus the plan to complete over the coming years.

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