Will Sony's New Steel-Banded Smartwatch 3 Be The First One You Wear?

It might be... looks very nice. But does it beat my 70s Steel Pulsar?

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Jan 5, 2015


Sony's Smartwatch 3 launched last year, and sporting colorful plastic bands it felt more like Swatch than Smart. What a difference this time around with the debut of a stainless steel-banded option during CES. It looks great and may be the first smart watch I actually pick up, despite my current alignment with iDevices.

Sony's Smartwatch 3 runs on the Android Wear operating system and offers a handful of very useful features. The true potential will be had when you pair the Smartwatch with supported Android apps on your primary phablet. Out of the box, the Smartwatch 3 provides the wearer with some useful contextually aware info like weather, directions, search, notifications, and reminders.

Years ago, I picked up a new old stock Pulsar LED watch that looked like the one my step-dad wore in the early 80s. I absolutely love it and it's been a great conversation starter over the years.  While it's dumb by today's standard, nothing beats the style.  Sony took the right queues from 70s retro watch design to hit it out of the park with their new steel Smartwatch. I don't know if I'd actually give up my Pulsar LED, but I will definitely give this new one a try.

I'll leave you with a shot of my Pulsar LED sitting well on my wrist.  The batteries died (again) so no shot of the visually striking red light emitting diode smartly defining my current time.

70s Pulsar LED Watch


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