Who Wants to Mix InternetDJ Radio?

InternetDJRadio, our 24/7 live streaming broadcast of hits from our Music Library, is looking to bring in guest mixes once a week. Find out how you can have your mix featured right here.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Sep 22, 2003

Those of you who are regulars of InternetDJ know about My DJ Mixes. For those of you who do not, My DJ Mixes is the tool you can use to save your favorite songs from artists in our Music Library.

Here's how it will work:
Create a My DJ Mix with at least 35 tracks or 2 hours of music. Make sure its diverse, and not only tracks from your profile.
Then, send a private message to member: risda. Enter "InternetDJRadio Submission" as the subject, and enter the name of your DJ Mix in the body. You can also recommend another member's Mix by using this same method.

As mentioned, each Saturday evening in NYC, we'll setup a new mix for your listening pleasure. We'll give you full credit on the page and link to your profile and your Mix list.

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