What's happening in NYC this weekend? (7/27/2001)

Madonna, Instyle, AND BJØRN MELHUS all in one?!? No reason to stay in your hovel this weekend. There are happenings all over NYC. I will definitely be at PS1 on Saturday. Read on for more information (thanks to the Velvet list).

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Jul 28, 2001

Friday, July 27

Interviewed, 5.30pm
Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Center
Info: Elaine McMahon, 875 5391
*The man of many pauses speaks with New York Times
guy. Should be… challenging, if not sexy. Why bother?
This English playwright wrote The Birthday Party (we
think), and besides, The Lincoln Center is an easy

Madison Square Garden
*Now, who can resist a 42-year-old "Virgin"? We have
two record company-area (that’s near the stage, not
puckering-up beneath Ms. M’s ass) tickets for tonight.
Material Girl: They’re a fat $250 each (that’s face
value). No one gets a freebie with Madge.
Borderline: The first person to guess which hackneyed
trend Lady M will be touting as the "hot new craze" in
her next video- and has 500 bucks to spare- can have
her...errr, them.

Saturday, July 28

Put on yer Banana Republic chinos and tee—it’s the

Designer Garage Sale
The Ark Project, Water Mill, The Hamptons, 3pm
INFO: Keesha, 646 658 8300
*If there’s ever been a reason to leave Manhattan,
it’s Long Island Garage sales: somewhere amid the
porcelain milkmaids and the Jordache handbags, there’s
an old Donna Karan. In fact, it’s her sale! Expect
bargain mirrors, scales, and those long tiny spoons
coke heads use.

Schmoozy Rap Get-together, 6-10pm
Russell Simmon’s house, East Hampton, address by
INFO: Holly Taylor, 843-9220
*Martha Stewart (or an imperceptibly realistic
Paper-mache facsimile) and Russell "the Oreo" Simmons
co-host. Martha’s ingenuity strikes again as she
instructs guests how to recycle "used poor kids" into
charming lawn ornaments the whole family can enjoy!
Admire the irrepressible generosity of the rich as
disadvantaged kids from Harlem are paraded in front of
them—and sent home with a shiny dollar. Jay-Z and
Queen Latifah join the polo set at this feel-good
event of the season.

CD Release Party, 8pm
International Studio, 323 West 39th, 7th floor
(212) 643-9163 (studio)
(310) 497-8444 (cell phone)
*If you’re staying in town, you’re stuck with the
Eurotrash, so learn to enjoy it and come celebrate a
CD! We don’t even know its name but it probably rhymes
with our favorite cheese and sports an umlaut.
Whatever…the space is nice. Go straight down from PS1.
Door opens every 15 min. until 9.30pm.

Sunday, July 29

Sunday Night Dinner
353 Broadway [the old Luvvyplex], 8pm
Reservations 917 3733734 (say you’ve been before)
*Digestible Art: Contrary to popular belief, there are
New York girls who’s cooking doesn’t involve a
take-out menu. Despite the highly indigestible art at
most galleries, you’ll be able to taste the creativity
in the air: a six-course meal that includes gustatory
delights from caviar and cheese to pyrotechnic bananas
as well as indigestion-worthy side dishes such as
smutty apron fashion shows, poetic diatribes about
meat and veganism, and the lighting-shooting lobster.
If you’re familiar with the Josh Harris-y antics that
are Luvvyplex lore, you’ll not be surprised that that
the theme is Alice in Wonderland: $20 w/out costume
and $15 with a Chesire-cat-stole...

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