Welcome to the new site!

We've just opened this new site. What do you think?

For the regulars, you'll notice that the MP3 are slowly coming back. THIS IS TEMPORARY! We're currently transferring all the artists from the old system to the new system, so keep checking back every day for more music. The DJ Database is also slowing growing again, same deal, we're converting all the DJs now.

For the new users. InternetDJ.com is a mix of independent music programming and functionality. Since we're on a brand new platform, we'll be introducing many more functions in the coming weeks. The Music Archive contains the MP3s, and highlights of some of the best music you'll find for free.
We are also beginning feature publishing. Registered members can now submit their articles for inclusion and discussion right on the front page.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Jul 12, 2001

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