Weezer Frontman Hospitalized, Tour Cancelled

Rivers Cuomo in hospital after crash.

Posted by annacon3 on Sun Dec 6, 2009

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** UPDATE 12/8/2009
Cuomo suffered three cracked ribs and is still hospitalized. The band just announced the cancellation of the rest of the Raditude Tour and hope they can reschedule soon. Photos of the crash can be found at their website.

Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer is currently in St. Mary's hospital of Amsterdam, NY after a bus crash around 7:30am this morning. The bus was traveling on the New York State Thruway on it's way to Boston, Massachusettes for a show Monday night at the Agganis Arena at Boston University. According to the driver, the back end of the bus lost control when it hit a patch of ice forcing the vehicle to crash into the median and hit reflective posts before it crossed back over the highway, landing in a ditch. The police do not suspect drugs or alcohol since conditions had became dicey after snowfall. Cuomo had complained of rib pain while his wife, daughter and fifth passenger survived without injury. The fourth passenger, both name and condition unknown is also in St. Mary's.

Their new album Raditude is available now pretty much everywhere and when they previewed some of their new songs at the concert I attended back in August, it was evident then that it would be a smash. They shared the billing with the likes of comeback soldiers Blink 182 but even to a die hard Blink follower (like myself) it was clear then to many that Weezer stole the show. They have aged gracefully in more ways than one and it was truly an experience of a lifetime to see them live, having been a fan since the 5th grade. Their music has evolved with a refreshing dignified, finesse. Neither Weezer nor Agganis has issued any statement concerning a cancellation or postponement. For the sake of his family and the fans, I send my well wishes along to Rivers Cuomo for a speedy recovery. May the people of Boston be lucky enough to witness the genius I was privy to this past August.

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