Watch: Weird Science Comes Alive in Music Video for HANDS UP

Does it have that elusive cross-over appeal?

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Aug 23, 2007

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Michael Woods, known in this instance as Out of Office, has had some success releasing original electronic tracks; most notably under the name Warrior. In his latest release HANDS UP, we have a big sound vocal house anthem, with a foot in the catch-all "electro-house" genre.

What started out as a promo mailer in January, the song has picked up remarkable momentum. Pete Tong picked it as Essential, David Guetta gave it a nod in Miami and it is getting solid airplay by Judge Jules (Radio 1), Dave Pearce (Radio 1), Steve Smart (Kiss 100). The single has already appeared on mixes in Italy and Germany.

The music video is the real prize here. It is a trip down memory lane, recalling that cult 80s movie classic 'Weird Science' where two geeky high school students build a woman from their computer and the luck of a well-placed lightning bolt. The video captures the spirit of the original movie, complete with model Danielle Bux sporting the requisite big hair and the heroes ultimately winning their girls. The notable absense of the 'mound of chet' was a very smart decision.

If you're eager for the vinyl (with a remix by Kurd Maverick), you can pick up one of the few remaining 12" here. Otherwise, it'll see you in September. The full single release will include Kurd's remix as well as one each from Ericke and Yer Man. (I finally looked up what yer meant).

Music Video
"Out of Office - Hands Up"

"Hands Up"
Artist: Out of Office
Format: CD, 12", MP3
Label: Frenetic
Released: September 10th 2007
1. "Hands Up" (Original Mix)
2. "Hands Up" (Vocal Mix)
3. "Hands Up" (Kurd Maverick Remix)
4. "Hands Up" (Ericke Remix)

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