Watch: The Chemical Brothers Release Video for SALMON DANCE

Rapping blowfish and dancing seahorses. Fire up the grill.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue Aug 14, 2007

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I admit that I didn't get "Salmon Dance" when I heard the single for the first time; it is very different from other songs on the album and first impression was: painfully annoying. Now that I have seen the video, its silliness has been confirmed. It served as a reminder that although we are mostly high-brow electronic music aficionados, we need to learn to not take ourselves too seriously and have a laugh once in a while.

On a second listen, the song structure is actually quite good, solid beat and a thick & juicy bassline; kind of how I like my New Zealand King Salmon. Admittedly, I would have enjoyed the video much more if the kid got a fish-slap to the face at the end. "Salmon Dance" is the latest video single released from the Chemical Brothers' latest album "We Are the Night."

Music Video
"The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance"

"We Are The Night"
Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Format: CD/LP
Label: EMI
Released: July 2007
1. MP3 Sample No Path To Follow
2. MP3 Sample We Are The Night
3. MP3 Sample All Rights Reversed
4. MP3 Sample Saturate
5. MP3 Sample Do It Again
6. MP3 Sample Das Spiegel
7. MP3 Sample The Salmon Dance
8. MP3 Sample Burst Generator
9. MP3 Sample A Modern Midnight Conversation
10. MP3 Sample Battle Scars
11. MP3 Sample Harpoons
12. MP3 Sample The Pills Won't Help You Now

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