Watch Out! Hot Footie Chicks in Alex Gaudino Video Game Twist

It will be huge.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Tue May 13, 2008

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Alex Gaudino's "Watch Out" feat. Shena, was his third single released in 2007, after "Que Pasa Contigo" & the mega hit "Destination Calabria". Now, he has repackaged the single (with Data Records) along with remixes from The Mac Project, Micky Slim and Jamie Duggan. Retail downloads will be available June 2.

The music video is the real prize here, if hot girls, video games and football (soccer) are of interest to you. It isn't enough these days to show a few scantily-clad women dancing around to a mediocre house track. Alex takes it up a notch to hit the young-adult male demo squarely on the forehead.

Although the world probably hasn't had enough of sax samples in house music, this time around may finish it off for good. The remixes in this pack are ok, but nothing totally illuminating. Seek out the Nari & Milani remix from last year for a wild take on Alex's original.

Music Video
"Alex Gaudino - Watch Out"

"Watch Out"
Artist: Alex Gaudino feat. Shena
Label: Data
Released: June 2, 2008
1. "Watch Out" (club mix)
2. "Watch Out" (The Mac Project remix)
3. "Watch Out" (Micky Slim remix)
4. "Watch Out" (Jamie Duggan meets Da Booda In Yer Face mix)

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