Watch OK GO Needing/Getting Debut from Super Bowl Sunday

Awesome new video from OK GO stunt driving a Chevy Sonic.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sun Feb 5, 2012

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Ok Go - Needing/Getting
Feb 5, 2012

OK Go is at the top of the avertising world with the debut of a music video for the track Needing/Getting featuring the Chevy Volt.  A snippet of the video appeared during the Super Bowl where the Giants defeated the Patriots once again.

OK Go drive around in a super-hacked Chevy Sonic, while playing 288 guitars, 55 pianos, and 1,157 homemade instruments. Damian was trained as a stunt driver and features his skills. Over the next few weeks OK Go will drop some behind the scenes footage and other snaps from the filming.

You can watch the video right here.


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