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Mezmorizing vocals, haunting melody and a great remix.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Wed Aug 15, 2007

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Kosheen will release their third studio album DAMAGE on September 10th, 2007. OVERKILL will be the first single to be released on August 27. The Bristol-based trio, consisting of Sian Evans, Darren Decoder and Markee Substance, has seen their fair share of success, however their latest album is set to be their most creative and far-reaching to date.

Through mature song structure and unique sounds, the album seeks to portray a vision of change and struggle; says Markee, "it captures the feeling of longing, of being disconnected from home, and a yearning for some kind of comfort." "Itís a process of catharsis," says Sian. "Recycling personal history and living experiences is therapy. It has been nearly a decade since we began this journey and I have personally developed as a woman and as a musician."

For those of you ahead of the game, you might have picked up the 12" OVERKILL (Is It Over Now?) single that slipped in the market in February. It contains an uptempo, modern-sounding remix from Eyerer & Namito that steals the show from the original. Take a listen to this single here.

Music Video
"Kosheen Overkill"

Artist: Kosheen
Format: CD
Label: Moksha Recordings
Released: August 27, 2007
1. Damage
2. Overkill
3. Like A Book
4. Same Ground Again
5. Guilty (Original)
6. Chances
7. Out Of This World
8. Wish You Were Here
9. Thief
10. Under Fire
11. Not Enough
12. Cruel Heart
13. Professional Friend
14. Analogue Street Dub
15. Marching Orders
16. Your Life

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