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It's that time of year again. Check out the best and worst videos from 2006. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and see you in '07!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Thu Dec 21, 2006

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Thanks to all the labels and promoters that wanted to have their artists' videos featured on InternetDJ. Here we have the top 25 video releases featured on InternetDJ based solely on popularity in 2006.

25 Roger Sanchez - 'Turn on the Music'
The s-man just makes it in there with his booming House anthem remixed by Axwell. Gotta love the FRO!!!
24 Blaze - Most Precious Love
Huge soulful single for 2006, a bit too retro in my book.
23 The Egg - Walking Away
Great hook and melody. What more can you ask for?
22 Fatboy Slim - 'That Old Pair of Jeans'
Always puts a smile on my face. I often found myself humming the melody around town. Put on a good set of phones and listen to that great bass line.
21 IIO - Rapture
A classic from years past resurfaces in IIO's 2006 debut album 'Poetica'.
20 West Indian Girl - Hollywood
A fully independent video finally makes it to the chart this year!
19 Zak B. & Minha K. - Just Screw
Another indie makes it to the chart; well made video here.
18 Junkie XL - Today
Excellent guitar riff and chorus in this JXL single.
17 Ferry Corsten - Fire
One of my favorites this year, video is sub-par.
16 Future Tiny Wave - 'Controversy'
Yep, just about as close to porn in a dance track as you can get. No wonder it's this high on the list.
15 DJ Shadow - '3 Freaks'
I can't f**king believe Shadow actually let the public see this crap. Horrendous. Worse than anything DJ Sammy ever produced. Just so I'm perfectly clear: THIS IS ABOUT THE WORST SONG AND VIDEO EVER PRODUCED. And if you ever noticed in my past articles how much I loved Shadow before this, you can see that I am deeply disturbed by this song.
14 IIO - At The End
Yet another classic IIO single the was included on their 2006 debut album.
13 Ferry Corsten - 'Watch Out'
Decent single from Ferry. I like Fire much better. Video belongs on a SpikeTV promo.
12 Thoneick & Maverick - Love Sensation
Like AcidPanda said... where's the Budweiser Logo?
11 Bob Sinclar - World, Hold On
Don't deny it. You and I both were whistling this in the shower for months. And you probably still have it as your ringtone.
10 Supafly Inc. - Moving Too Fast
Supafly kicks complete ass. I love their work, and this remix is stellar. Video is HAWT!!
9 Dragostea Din Tei - Numa Numa Chicks
The tail end of this stupid phenomenon features two jackass chicks doing a poor imitation of the chubby guy.
8 Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
One of the top songs of the year by some. Video is hilarious, albeit having nothing to do with Detroit.
7 Armin Van Buuren feat. Racoon - Love You More
The second best Trance single in my book this year. Doesn't quite touch my top Trance track this year. The first member to post my favorite Trance song of 2006 below gets a free InternetDJ Tshirt. Not a hard challenge.
6 Porno - Music Power
I hate this song and its video. I expected hot chicks, and I got crap instead.
5 Armin Van Buuren - Sail
Even if you hate Trance, you can't deny wanting to experience this type of LIVE energy. Great song and stunning video.
4 Supermode - Tell Me Why
A top song during the Summer. Eh-- I don't see it.
3 Helen Rask - No Love
The number 3 video is a promotional video created by Helen Rask, founder of Rask models. Have to say, it is a GREAT song and a super HOT video! Sign me up.
2 Till West & DJ Delicious - Same Man
I can't believe such an average song and an even WORSE video was so popular this year. Cheese wins!! Eat it up fatty.
1 Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy
No doubt about it. Benny did a number on us again with his franchised sound. Video is quite tasty. Far and beyond the most popular video of the year.

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