Wash Me: Heidi Montag Gets Dirty for Playboy

When all else fails...

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Aug 8, 2009

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Heidi Montag tries to act on The Hills, she tries to sing, she tries to do reality tv. When all else fails, there's Playboy. Seems as if this blonde twenty-something tart will do anything for publicity these days.

Brandishing a copy of the magazine with her mud-laded body, at the GI Joe premeire of all places, she came out about the playboy spread. But here's the catch: she's not naked.

So... if you want to save some money and are looking for somewhat-clothed Heidi Montag pics, just hop on over to her myspace. I guess everyone seems to be compromising their values these days. A clothed blonde in Playboy... what's the world coming too?

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