Warner Bros. Offering Movie Rentals on Facebook

Facebook will own Netflix.

Posted by billd on Tue Mar 8, 2011


Movie rentals are coming to Facebook!  With every digital heavyweight, such as Apple, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Google and Microsoft making a play for streaming video rentals, Facebook is jumping on the bandwagon.

Warner Bros. is testing a service that will offer select movies for purchase or rental through the public pages of these movies on the world's largest social networking site. Facebook has 600 million registered users, and starting Tuesday, people who clicked "like" on the Facebook page of "The Dark Night" will be able to click a "rent" icon and pay 30 Facebook credits, or $3, to watch the movie. Renters will have access to the movies for 48 hours. More movies, along with the ability to purchase the titles outright, are coming.

Read more about Facebook's new movie business at AllThingsDigital.

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