Voting Booth Now Open for 2013 Remix Competition featuring EatMe - 2013

Vote now! $100 up for grabs for the best remix!

Posted by Michael Bordash on Mon Feb 4, 2013

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If you hadn't heard, we're in the midst of our annual remix competition. This year the track (titled 2013) and sources were provided by EatMe (thank you!)-- check the compete details. The $100 grand prize is provided by, well, me (thank me!).

If you're a remixer, don't miss our annual comp. We've been doing it for like 10 years for crying out loud. If you're a fan (like me), you can participate by casting your ballot for this year's best remix. The top 3 will be handed over to EatMe who will decide the winning order. Well now that that's over with...

Winner Chosen!

After tallying up all the votes, sent the top 3 finalists to EatMe who chose the winner of our remix competition. Here is the final winning order:

  1. K-Skye Remix
  2. Tom the Uncle House Party Remix
  3. The Afromandaz Remix

You can still listen to all of the entries on our Voting Booth

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