Vikter Duplaix: The Interview

We had the chance to ask Vikter Duplaix a few questions about his recent success upon the release of his solo debut, International Affairs. Check out the interview right here on internetDJ.

Posted by Michael Bordash on Sat Mar 29, 2003

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What's in your track development studio?
Pro Tools to series vintage mood synths to hand held percussion, turntables and various drum machines (old and new), and high end mics.

What do you take on tour?
On tour - VStage drum set, VDrum hand percussion. Motif synth, 2 Cd turntables

Mac or PC?

Cubase or ProTools or Logic orů?
Protools and Logic

What's your secret to mixing and making it sound good?
Just do it til you like it. No secret.

Describe the kind of reaction you have when you hit on a phrase or a sound that really works.
Depending on what actually happens, it could inspire further development or the end of the creation process regarding that song.

Do you look for feedback on your new music, or do you just lay it out there for people to take it or leave it?
Combination of both. I want to know if people don't like it. I do want to sell records.

Has formal music training played a part in your success?
Yes, it has. It gives me a solid understanding of how to work with musicians even though I am not a musician myself in the instrument style.

Name a concept or practice that's particularly difficult for you to get your head around.
Algebra. (laughs).

When International Affairs is released in the US, what's the one aspect you think will be a first-time music experience for your listeners?
I think the listener will find it unusual and thought provoking. Definitely an album for discussion.

You've got most bases covered, but what's a musical talent that you envy in other artists?
Being able to fluidly play an instrument. I want to work on that.

American Idol: Talent search or scam?
American Idol: Ratings vehicle

What kind of meal would you eat while listening to your new album?
I am a light eater so I would eat mixed greens and sushi.

Any female DJs out there we should keep an eye on?
Valida Killakel and DJ Alicia

Are you ready to read your own reviews?
Yes. I think that they are really weird, because people are analyzing was an instantaneous process for me. I take the good with the bad.

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